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Designer Plant Store provides an easy way to find and send beautiful houseplants. Not just any plants, but quality, luscious, green plants that provide health benefits and help turn your house into an oasis of calm.  But how did it all come about?

I moved to Melbourne in 2010, after spending my entire life in the Sunshine State - Queensland. Melbourne winters are looong, and as I started spending more and more time indoors, my desire to surround myself with greenery turned into an indoor plant obsession.

Collecting houseplants and matching them with the perfect planter soothed my soul and helped fill the gap that leaving Queensland had left. Not only did my new houseplants look beautiful, but the process of nurturing them contributed to my wellbeing.

As time went on my search for the ultimate plant and pot combination continued. I started making my own concrete planters and giving them to friends as gifts. This, along with my feelings on receiving cut flowers (more about that later), led me to create Designer Plant Store.

I truly believe that a house is not a home without plants. They purify the air, relieve stress, and create a sense of calm.

I hope you will find Designer Plant Store an easy way to fill your house with individually-styled indoor plants, and a stylish and sustainable alternative to sending flowers.

Much love, Mariza x